skipping to the present


So it’s been four days and i had to get an answer.. Oh i just skipped everything right. We have been together for almost 2 years now and we basically know each other fully except for this one thing that is somehow on repeat in his system. it goes…

Everything is lovely until the day he just goes on mute. Like I said it’s a repeat thing. I call he does not pick up. I send an app oh that’s useless his app ain’t even working. I text he doesn’t reply. Weird right. Tell me about it. This time i have really taken it into my stride. I’m not fazed by it i tell myself. Day 1, 2, 3, 4, and today day 5 hell breaks loose. I need answers so i call his workplace. awkward moment. and yeah he has to talk now.

As always everythng is fine. So why the silence? That’s the same question i had. Nothing is the blunt answer ohhhhh . Okay good day. yah thats me, helpless, hopeless and my heart beating like never before.

what is it with guys. communication is one thing they know nothing about. i want to talk things out he prefers to let things slide and the silent treatment , i want to know what is that’s about. Coz trust me its got me twisted… not the fairy tale we had in the beginning . wake up call we in the present….and its just about getting started..

sweet love

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